City planning

Transforming Spaces

Urban planning is not just about planning spaces; it is the art of creating places that impact people’s daily lives. In our design office in Rybnik, we take on the challenge of creating award-winning and distinguished urban planning projects that not only reflect contemporary trends in architectural and urban design but also enrich local communities. Our projects, such as the revitalization of Powstańców Sobieskiego, the Rynek in Trzebiatów, or the Plac Pięciu Rogów, are examples of how functionality can be combined with aesthetics, creating a space that lives and evolves with the city.

Chorzowska / 2023

/ Katowice

Market square Racibórz / 2023

/ Racibórz
rynek Trzebiatów

Trzebiatow market square / 2023

SARP competition, II prize
/ Trzebiatów

Masterplan roundabout / 2021

/ Jastrzębie Zdrój
Dworzec Częstochowa

Częstochowa railway station / 2019

SARP competition, I prize
/ Częstochowa

Square Długosza / 2019

/ Racibórz

Park Cegielnia / 2013

/ Żory

Revitalization of Powstańców & Sobieskiego St. / 2012

Award of the Association of Polish Town Planners, Urban public space 2018, I prize
/ Rybnik

Crossing the Boundaries of Traditional Urban Planning


Our experience shows that in urban planning, there are no simple answers. Therefore, in our design office, we continuously seek new solutions, challenging traditional methods. Working on projects such as the Master Plan of Jastrzębie-Zdrój or Plac Długosza allows us to adopt an experimental approach that opens new perspectives in understanding architecture and urban planning.


A key aspect of our urban projects is integration with the local community and culture. Projects such as the market square in Kłobuck or Park Cegielnia have been designed with the people who will use them every day in mind. Our goal is to create spaces that are not only aesthetically attractive but also functional and friendly for residents.


Sustainable Development and Innovation

We believe that the future of urban planning lies in sustainable development and innovation. Projects like Koszalin-Centrum are examples of our approach to creating spaces that are both modern and in line with ecological principles. Our urban projects aim for harmony between the natural environment and the needs of urban communities.