Revolutionizing Architecture: An Experimental Approach to Designing Cultural Facilities

Despite having many years of experience in the architectural industry, in our design office in Rybnik, we are constantly in a state of continuous search and development. We ask more questions than we have answers, which drives our unceasing questioning and refinement of our proven design methods. Our approach to architecture is unconventional – we are constantly looking for new, better solutions that will allow us to deepen our understanding and interpretation of architectural spaces.

Nietypowe ceglane ściany w muzeum starej octowni

Leszno district museum / 2023

/ Leszno

Sports hall / 2022

/ Miechów

Chapel / 2021

/ Racibórz

Square Długosza / 2019

/ Racibórz

Center for Literature & Language – Planet Lem / 2018

/ Krakow

Innovation in Architectural Projects for Cultural Facilities


Our architectural office in Rybnik creates award-winning architectural designs characterized by innovation and functionality. Good architectural projects, especially those focused on cultural facilities, require not only an excellent knowledge of materials and techniques but also a deep understanding of culture and society. Our projects are a testament to how architecture can create a space that impacts users, encouraging interaction and developing local communities.


We take on the challenge of creating concepts that are recognized and distinguished in the world of architecture. We pay great attention to every detail, which allows us to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable.