Individual House Project

It begins with getting to know and understanding the client’s needs. At the same time, an analysis of the location where the house is to be built is conducted. Properly conducted process provides the opportunity to create a design concept that will meet the expectations of future residents and fully utilize the potential and specificity of the location. Every project should be energy-efficient, technically tailored, and adapted to the client’s financial capabilities. The ambition of our projects is to do more than just meet our clients’ expectations. A project created from scratch at the client’s request should pleasantly surprise them by creating unique value that is not found in any other house.

House by water / 2022

House Jankowicka I / 2022

/ Jankowicka,Rybnik

House Jankowicka II / 2022

/ Jankowicka,Rybnik

Border House / 2022

/ Graniczna, Rybnik

Houses in Dębina / 2020

/ Dębina
Czarny dom z cegły elewacja frontowa

Black House / 2020

/ Czerwionka Leszczyny

Earth house / 2020

/ Rybnik

House in a slope / 2019

/ Frydrychowice

Quiet House / 2017

Architecture of the year SARP, single-family house, distinction prize
Exhibition „V4 Family Houses 2018", distinction prize
/ Czerwionka-Leszczyny, Poland

Limestone House / 2018

/ Biskupice

House in the forest / 2018

/ Kamień

House at crossroads / 2017

/ Rogoźna

Red House / 2017

SARP year architecture single-family house, I prize
EU Mies Award 2019 , nomination
Brick Award 2017, I prize
Architecture of the Silesian Province SARP, mention
Bryła roku 2017, nomination
German Design award 2020 , nomination
/ Rudy

House for a motorcyclist / 2016

/ Rybnik

House on slope / 2017

/ Bielsko-Biała

Benefits of Individual House Projects

In contrast to typical houses, working with an architect allows for complete customization of the project. However, that’s not the biggest advantage. During numerous meetings, the architect builds the client’s knowledge, enabling them to make more informed decisions. Sample topics include the pros and cons of single-story and multi-story houses, the consequences of choosing a specific functional layout. An open and informed investor, with the help of an architect, can make the best choices for themselves, which often deviate from the initial project assumptions.

Types of Individual House Projects

Clients come to us with more or less specific expectations. Sometimes, during the first meeting, we hear, “We are interested in a modern house project,” other times, expectations are related to a “barn house project.” An unprepared consumer of architecture divides based on what they see, for example:






However, these are far-reaching simplifications, often resulting only from a superficial examination of houses. We believe that instead of starting with defining the appearance of the house, one should start with the investor’s needs and the location’s conditions. Then, a design solution that best meets these needs and the location should be found. Ultimately, the result may be a barn-like house project or an entirely new type resulting from working in collaboration with the investor.

Cost of an Individual House Project

A house project created to order by the client is individually priced each time. Many offices base the cost mainly on the size of the building. Our studio does not use this method. More information about project pricing can be found on our blog “How much does a project cost?” – Toprojekt. A typical house is sold multiple times, and the time spent with the client is minimal. During an individual house project, especially in the conceptual phase, the time spent with the client should be unlimited. There is no room for haste because only then can the client be truly understood. The question is whether this service is only for people with a large budget? The answer is no. The time spent on optimizing the project can pay off multiple times during the construction and operation of the facility.

House Projects – Rybnik, Silesia

Many outstanding design studios are based in Silesia, but it is difficult to speak of a Silesian architectural school. We do not know if we are creating Silesian architecture. However, we value local values, such as straightforwardness, pragmatism, or honest hard work. Naturally, most of our projects were created in Silesia. However, we also carry out projects in Krakow, Warsaw, and one of the most important projects is being currently developed in Gdansk.