Designing Modern Office Buildings

At Toprojekt, we understand that designing an office building is not just a matter of aesthetics and functionality, but also a response to the dynamically changing needs of the market. Our office building designs are a combination of innovative architectural solutions with practical aspects of everyday work. We have created many award-winning architectural designs that combine modernity, comfort, and an ecological approach. Our portfolio includes both large office building projects and smaller, more intimate office buildings, meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients.

District Office Torun / 2024

SARP competition, I prize
/ Toruń

Eko Okna offices II / 2021

/ Kornice

Offices K2 / 2021

/ Rybnik

TVP headquarter / 2015

/ Warsaw

K1 Offices / 2015

/ Rybnik

Eko Okna offices I / 2017

/ Kornice

Modern Office Buildings: A Symbiosis of Functionality and Aesthetics

Modern office building designs at Toprojekt are well-thought-out structures that perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. Our office building projects, mainly realized in Rybnik and Silesia, are characterized not only by their unique design but also by a high degree of adaptation to the specific needs of users. Each office building project is the result of deep analysis and an experimental approach to architecture, allowing us to create spaces where work becomes a pleasure.


Designing a small office building is an opportunity for us to show how much can be achieved in a limited space. Our small office projects respond to the growing demand for spaces that combine intimacy, functionality, and modern design. We believe that even a small office building can be a source of inspiration and efficiency for its users.


Each office building project at Toprojekt is also a process of deeply understanding the values and goals of our clients. Designing a company headquarters is for us an opportunity to create a space that not only meets functional requirements but also reflects the culture and mission of the enterprise. Our office building projects are well-thought-out constructions that help companies build their identity.

Summary: We Create Spaces of the Future

At Toprojekt, based in Rybnik, we emphasize the innovation, functionality, and aesthetics of our projects. As an experienced team of architects, we continuously seek new solutions to ensure our office building projects are not just workplaces, but spaces that support creativity and efficiency. Our approach to designing office buildings reflects our passion for creating spaces that not only meet current market needs but also shape the future of office architecture.