Architectural Projects for Public Spaces – Modern and Functional Solutions

Public architecture encompasses not only public utility facilities but also the spaces we encounter in our daily lives. Designing public spaces requires not only creativity but also responsibility. At TOPROJEKT, we understand this perfectly. Our architectural projects for public spaces combine aesthetics with functionality, creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also community-friendly.

District Office Torun / 2024

SARP competition, I prize
/ Toruń
centrum przesiadkowe Rybnik

City transfer center / 2023

/ Rybnik

BMW Gazda Group / 2023

/ Katowice

Market square Racibórz / 2023

/ Racibórz
rynek Trzebiatów

Trzebiatow market square / 2023

SARP competition, II prize
/ Trzebiatów
Nietypowe ceglane ściany w muzeum starej octowni

Leszno district museum / 2023

/ Leszno

Sports hall / 2022

/ Miechów

Chapel / 2021

/ Racibórz

Nzoz Primus Brudzowice / 2019

/ Brudzowice

Gdańsk Medical Chamber Training center / 2020

Invited competition, I prize
/ Aniołki, Gdańsk
Dworzec Częstochowa

Częstochowa railway station / 2019

SARP competition, I prize
/ Częstochowa

Heritage resort & River club / 2019

/ Rybnik

Square Długosza / 2019

/ Racibórz

Center for Literature & Language – Planet Lem / 2018

/ Krakow

TVP headquarter / 2015

/ Warsaw

Triumph Pavilon / 2013

/ London

Kindergarten / 2017

Architektura roku SARP
Educational building, I prize
EU Mies Award 2019 , Nomination
Architektura roku SARP
Realization from public funds, Nomination
Architektura Województwa Śląskiego
SARP, Distinction
Rockwool 2018, I prize
Bryła roku 2018, Distinction
PLGBC Green building Awards 2018, I prize
German Design award 2020 , nomination
/ Żory—Kleszczówka

Award-Winning Architectural Projects – A Symbol of Innovation and Quality

Our architectural projects have received numerous awards, indicating their uniqueness and innovation. We have created many projects that have transformed public spaces, providing not only aesthetics but also functionality. Good architectural concepts are those that transcend the boundaries of traditional thinking about space.


Designing public spaces is the art of creating places that bring people together and build communities. At TOPROJEKT, we focus on creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and tailored to users’ needs. Our work is a process in which every detail matters.

Good Architectural Concepts – The Key to Effective Design

Good architectural concepts are the foundation of our work. We believe that every project should be a response to specific needs and expectations. Our experience and creativity allow us to create projects that not only stand out from others but are above all effective and practical.


Collaborate with experienced architects in Rybnik. Our approach to designing public spaces is based on innovation, knowledge, and understanding the needs of the community. Contact us to embark on a unique design journey.