Projects for developer

We carry out comprehensive development projects for both individual investors and corporations. Our concepts not only bring profits but also create spaces conducive to a good quality of life. From housing projects for developers, through townhouse projects for developers, to residential complex projects, our designs maximize the potential of the land, while simultaneously creating attractive spaces. We are working to break stereotypes associated with standard developer practices, presenting alternative approaches. We believe that intensive development can create dense, efficient, eco-friendly, and livable cities.

widok z ptaku osiedle sarni stok Bielsko-Biała TOPROJEKT

Housing Sarni Stok / 2023

/ Bielsko-Biała

Chorzowska / 2023

/ Katowice

Houses in Dębina / 2020

/ Dębina

Multi family housing in Rudzka / 2017

/ Rybnik

Lake village / 2019

/ Rybnik

Developer Projects

We handle the full range of development preparations, starting from legal and regulatory analysis, through land suitability studies, to obtaining building permits and providing architect’s supervision. We also assist in modifications to Local Spatial Development Plans, aiming to increase the economic and architectural value of the area. Our developer housing projects, when they have the appropriate scale and good urban planning, can transform into a new neighborhood or a new center. We also place townhouse projects within the urban context of the location. This approach facilitates communication with the architecture department because we focus not only on the individual interests of the client but also on creating a good shared space.

Individual Developer Projects

Whether it’s a block project for a developer or a housing development project, thanks to a concept that generates functional space, developers can achieve greater profits. Even seemingly unattractive plots gain value through unconventional architectural solutions. Good architecture also becomes a powerful marketing tool for developers because instead of using slogans, it offers a ready-made story to tell.

Architect in Rybnik

We are connected to Silesia because our projects are created at the company’s headquarters in Rybnik, but they are implemented throughout the country.